Jason Dowd makes smooth and ethereal modern pop music that is heart-centered and fully human. Dowd finds his essence in the act of creating and expressing. He makes this music to inspire and release himself and everyone who hears it to be fully who they are. Tracks like “With Me,” “Heartbroken,” and “Take You There” are atmospheric and emotional gems, miles away from the brash, loud sounds young men typically create. Dowd is a mature craftsman, able to transfer sentiment through lyric and melody with a master’s touch. 


Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Dowd is originally from Louisiana, the other LA, a place where holy rollers and easy living are the norm. He absorbed music like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Otis Redding, and The Doobie Brothers on family road trips but that sort of Southern Rock/Soul sound isn’t what he writes. Instead, he pens deeply-felt songs of healing, expression, and compassion that are fiercely independent and hard to classify. He creates and captures the frequencies between people, rendering them in lush, intimate, and confessional tones. In an era of plastic performers, Jason Dowd is as fresh and real as the ocean breeze. Listen for yourself .

Partnering and creating with like hearted friends is a pure existential joy. Together Brandon Melton, Matt Charilli and Jason Dowd bring their sound of pure honesty that will create an atmosphere of life and healing. From the most intimate moments to leading the charge in a world wide jubilee they are ever growing and set on embracing the full evolution of this terrifying beautiful life, an experience they want to share with you.